When Angelina Jolie and you may Billy Bob Thornton were still a few, there are rumors of the vampiric tendencies

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When Angelina Jolie and you may Billy Bob Thornton were still a few, there are rumors of the vampiric tendencies

And has just Thornton confirmed they, outlining you to definitely Jolie “envision it might be interesting and romantic when we grabbed good nothing razorblade and you may chopped all of our hands, smeared a small blood within these lockets while put it on up to the shoulder just like you don your son or daughter’s infant tresses in a single.”

Socialite Paris Hilton thinks the woman puppy is always to sleep in deluxe, so during 2009, due to the fact claimed in the Curbed, she spent $325,one hundred thousand having a-two-story, 300-square feet property. It offers a black crystal pendant, designer furniture, and you will a good balcony. Yes, an excellent balcony. To own once they should do the all of the-barking particular the fresh Evita song “Never Scream For me Argentina.”

George Lucas is the owner of their own fire vehicle and you will employs 14 complete-big date firefighters. But hey: If you composed Celebrity Conflicts, i imagine it’s okay to purchase everything you need.

Whenever U2 lead artist and you will activist Bono arrived in Italy having a charity performance during the 2003 and you may knew the guy leftover their favorite cap, a black trilby, back into London, he performed just what people practical person should do. The guy performed the fresh new concert without the hat. Just like the naturally Bono’s hat means even more legroom than your.

According to a profile regarding the Telegraph, he repaid $step 1,200 into the cap as flown so you’re able to him, on a primary category seat to the United kingdom Air way

Is there one thing we can enhance get this voice so much more ridiculous? Yes, while the CNBC said, Nicolas Crate one to decrease an awesome $150,one hundred thousand with the a pet octopus The guy plus reportedly had a few Albino Queen Cobra snakes because animals. The guy including ordered an antidote, just like the Queen Cobras is actually a really venomous types of snake and you can the guy failed to must die instantly when the he ever before got part. The guy sooner or later offered them to a great zoo.

Pop singer Kesha reported she try “very serious” whenever outlining the girl haunted system to speak let you know host Jimmy Kimmel when you look at the 2013. “It’s a problem,” she informed me. “I became advised I had deceased members of me thus i titled my hypnotherapist. Thus then she told you she had to exorcise my body system. Immediately after which I had good ghost meter to read it, simply beeped at my [privates].”

Ha, no, just kidding!

Rihanna’s feet is actually each other insured for a so-called $1 million. But that is nothing cena omegle as compared to Julia Robert’s smile, that is reportedly covered for an astounding $31 billion. Also: Dolly Parton’s bust is insured for $600,100, if you’re Kylie Minogue’s butt is covered having $5 mil.

The fresh later Apple co-originator Steve Work wasn’t simply a vegetarian; he was a vegan just who consider his eating plan gave him superpowers. Because the found within the Steve Jobs, this new landmark biography from the Walter Isaacson, Operate believed that restaurants only vegetables and you can grain sweaty his looks away from mucus, hence meant he didn’t have human body smell.

You should buy a fundamental humidifier for about $20. But pop diva Celine Dion insisted with the acquiring one you to definitely costs $2 mil. That’s good $1,999,980 markup. Yes, she produced the newest resource whilst in Vegas-through the an effective about three-seasons property-and you will she without a doubt needed to manage her vocal wires regarding the dry wasteland sky. But there’s absolutely no reason a device one to puts dampness on heavens should be more expensive than simply a new york condo.

Randy Quaid, whom you may admit out-of movies such as for instance Liberty Day and you will National Lampoon’s Trips, possess need to think you to “superstar whackers” doing work for the below ground business the Illuminati had been offing superstars such as for example Heath Ledger and you will David Carradine, and they are second to their hit record. “It pursue you, it tail you, they mark the phone, they cheat our very own desktop,” Quaid shortly after insisted. How come they need your deceased? “To acquire control over my personal royalties,” he told you.

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